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About Us

n the year 1971 Mr. Syed Ijaz Hussain (Late) start manufacturing of Surgical instruments to supply the local exporters. His single minded devotion to work, vast knowledge and good business ethics become a popular name in local surgical instruments industry. His son Mr. Syed Ijaz ul Hassan who is a Mechanical Engineer boost up company with modern manufacturing techniques and export of surgical instruments internationally. Mr. Hassan create new processes, new equipments and quality control standards to produce fine quality instruments.

Today, following Syed family members are carrying on the Dewal Surgical ,  traditions.

Mr. Syed Ijaz ul Hassan
Mr. Syed Naveed Hassan
Mr. Syed Shamail Hassan

Their vast experience and profound knowledge, backed by a highly professional staff, has enabled this oldest company to maintain its top position all through these decades.

DEWAL SURGICAL, strives to produce & supply the latest and most comprehensive range of Surgical, Dental, Tungsten Carbide instruments, Stainless steel Hollow-wares, instruments for Laboratory & First-Aid kits, Paramedic/Utility Scissors & Hand Tools. We produce over 500 assorted Surgical & Dental Kits/Sets. We have ability to read technical drawings and produce instruments as per Customer�s specifications.

ISO : DEWAL SURGICAL., got ISO certificates in 1998 and ISO13485 in 2011.
CE : Possess CE certificate in 2000
GMP : We are also a GMP compliant company and possess a certificate for this
FDA Listing : We are on FDA listings for various surgical & Dental instruments.

Quality Guarantee: 
DEWAL SURGICAL, instruments are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship. Any instrument founded defective will replaced free of cost. Each instrument carry 3 years warranty period. Our instruments are guaranteed Rust-free and autoclave able.

Worldwide Patronage. 
There is practically no country of the world where the `DEWAL SURGICAL' products have not found way at one time or the other, either direct or through re-exports by our customers. At present, `DEWAL SURGICAL' products are being exported to over forty countries.

How to Order: 
We are pleased to accept your Telephone and Fax orders 24 hours of the day. Out of normal office hours orders can be left at Fax number 0092-52-

You can also place your orders using our e-mail or by inquiry form on our web at any time.
Please include following details with your inquiry while contacting us.

Your company's Full Name 
Delivery and Invoice Address 
Your own name 
Telephone number 
Fax number

Please include catalogue numbers of our catalogue. If you cannot find any instrument in our catalogue or you wish to customize any product, then provide us diagram and sizes information about it or quote catalogue number of any international catalogue.

We provide free samples to our customers for their approval.

If no specifications regarding packaging are made in the order, we shall choose the standard packaging at our discretion.

In case of urgency, we can deliver orders with in 1 to 2 weeks, Normal delivery time is 3 to 4 weeks.

Door Delivery:
Goods are delivered at your door on nominal freight charges, on DDU terms.

Ever growing clientele and excellent references - both bank & trade - are our assets we feel justly proud of.

Customer Services: 
DEWAL SURGICAL, is whole-heartedly committed to total customer�s satisfaction as our policy is Maximum Customer Satisfaction through Best quality, Competitive prices and On time deliveries. Our staff remain online to advice and assist wherever it may be required.

Hari Pur Chowk, 1.5 KM Durganwali Vil Bhagowal Road

Manufacturing Unit:-
Hari Pur Chowk, 1.5 KM Durganwali Vil Bhagowal Road

Tel : +92 337 147 3030
Fax: +92 52 4567208
Web :


To our existing customers: 
We would like to thank you for continuing to stay with the best. We appreciate your business.

To prospective customer:
We look forward to starting a lasting relationship with you.

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Dewal Surgical,
Hari Pur Chowk, 1.5 KM Durganwali Vil Bhagowal Road, Sialkot-51310.  Pakistan.
Tel : +92 337 147 3030
Fax: +92 52 4567208
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